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Why Dulux Industrial Coatings

Dulux Industrial Coatings supports the construction materials industry’s wide range of markets and segments with best in class products and service.

Why choose Dulux


Our products are formulated using advanced chemistry and science to deliver high performance solutions designed for factory application as well as systems that combine with on-site application of Dulux topcoats.


Our solutions offer proven and reliable performance, giving you the confidence of straightforward application and the high level of protection required.


Our coating solutions offer unparalleled access to colours and finishes that transform surfaces while providing long-lasting durability.


Our responsive team provide specialist factory coating support, technical assistance and expert problem solving when and how you need it.

Why Dulux

Dulux Industrial Coatings provides best-in-class factory-applied industrial coatings to customers across Australia and New Zealand.


Our coatings and product systems are trusted throughout the construction materials market, primarily for the pre-priming and pre-finishing of timber, fibre cement, plaster, textile and plastic products.


Whether you’re a manufacturer, asset owner or applicator, we’re committed to providing innovative, high-performance coating materials formulated using the latest technology to offer outstanding durability and performance.


Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the factory coatings process, substrates and impact of environmental conditions allows us to provide trusted technical advice on product selection and usage – giving our customers the ultimate confidence.

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