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Our coatings and product systems are trusted throughout the construction materials market, primarily for the pre-priming and pre-finishing of untreated and treated and modified timber, MDF, fibre cement, plaster, textile and plastic products.

Our promise

Quality products: Our extensive range of UV primers, water-based and solvent-based primers and water based and solvent-based topcoats provide trusted protection for a broad range of substrates.

Flexible coating systems: Dulux Industrial products are compatible with most Dulux premium topcoats, offering reliable performance whether materials are finished in our factory or on site.

Superior performance: Our advanced product systems offer guaranteed adhesion, better opacity, easy touch-ups, on-site cost savings and on-site time savings – giving you the confidence you will get the job done first time every time.

Extensive colour range: Dulux’s World of Colour offers a comprehensive palette of more than 4,800 colours and gives customers access to exclusive custom colour services.

Trusted brand: The Dulux brand provides total confidence and lets Dulux Industrial customers leverage the recognition and trust of our famous logo instils as well as harness the power of the wider Dulux Group (e.g. woodcare).

Technical expertise: Our deep technical knowledge and ability with factory applied coatings, combined with on-site application advice ensures our customers have access to expertise that reaches far beyond the product alone.

Service: Our world-class products are supported by expert technical advice and industry-leading service. Our vast network of innovation centres, production sites and distribution centres allow us to service all market segments.

Our coating systems offer a range of pre-primed and pre-finished solutions for builders and asset owners

Factory application benefits

Our coatings are applied to specification in factory which provides considerable benefits to builders. Consistent film builds are met each and every time resulting in better opacity, superior adhesion and consistent quality.
As all of our Industrial Primers are part of Dulux Groups product portfolio we have proven compatibility with most Dulux Premium topcoats providing reliable performance when top coated on-site.

On-site Benefits

Along with the performance benefits, Builders choosing pre-primed and pre-finished substrates benefit from time and cost savings on-site, due to reduce labour required compared to traditional uncoated construction materials. Choosing Dulux coated pre primed and pre finished substrates also provides easy touch up of substrates through a rangenof touch up options available throughout the Dulux Trade store network. A reduction in on site waste can also be achieved as there is less materials used on site.

Coating Systems



Our pre-primed system sees substrates primed in controlled factory environments and finished on site with Dulux topcoats. This approach offers superior adhesion, product flexibility, and excellent compatibility with Dulux premium Topcoats: Dulux Weathershield, Dulux Wash & Wear and Dulux Aquanamel.


Our pre-finished system sees both primers and topcoats applied in controlled factory environments with no application required on-site making this an excellent choice for the pre-finished construction materials market. This option offers superior colour choice, easy touch up and provides significant time and cost savings.

Dulux Industrial specialises in coatings for timber, fibre cement and plasterboard surfaces. Our pre-primed and pre-finished coatings systems are designed for a range of substrates.

Working with Dulux Industrial give users the ability to harness the power and recognition of the Dulux brand and colour in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Dulux brand

Our customers can benefit through usage of the Dulux brand across product packaging and marketing materials, digital content and more when and if needed to help bring further trust to your brand.

Dulux colour

Not only does working with Dulux provide users access to the Dulux world of colour, which includes 1000’s of decorative paint colours as well as the capability to offer custom colour services, we can help elevate your colour story through use of Dulux colour in your merchandising and other areas of your business.

Who Does Dulux Industrial Coatings Benefit


We’re here to help whenever you need us.

With the ever increasing demand for pre-primed and pre-finished products, our years of experience working with manufactures, builders, architects, retailers, applicators and DIYers gives us comprehensive understanding of their priorities and challenges, and the changing expectations reshaping the construction
landscape. Our deep technical knowledge and ability with factory applied coatings, combined with on-site application advice, ensures our customers have access to expertise that reaches far beyond the product alone.

From substrate manufacturers, commercial projects, builders, painters and even home owners we pride ourselves on providing the product systems that will produce exceptional outcomes every time. Whatever your project, Dulux Industrial product systems provide you with unique benefits.